Fall Watercolor Wreath

finished wreath


 No doubt this week you have thought a bit about what you are thankful for. Instead of sharing my long list of what I'm grateful for I'm going to share a piece I made to give to my family for the thanksgiving holiday.  Below is a step by step process for making a watercolor wreath.



color palettecolor palette
The first thing I like to do is mix my watercolors and put together a color palette for the project.  For this wreath I mixed four different colors.
pencil in layout
I then sketch out my wreath. To do this I drew a circle on a piece of watercolor paper (for this project I used a cold press paper but it is all personal preference). I then layout the quote, the leaves, and twigs for my wreath with a pencil.
adding watercolor to wreath
Then start filling in the wreath with watercolors.
reevaluate the balance
Once I had fully filled in the wreath I noticed it looked a little unbalanced so I added in some additional elements the weren't penciled in. Always reevaluate your work as you go! At this point I also decided I did not like the layout of my quote so I changed it up a bit.
inked piece
After my watercolor had fully dried I started to fill in the quote. I used pointed pen for my quote and mixed up a Pearl Ex pigment that went with my color palette for my ink. If you are unfamiliar with using Pearl Ex pigments as ink, I will be doing a blog post at a later time on how I mix up the ink; be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss it!
finished wreath
Once everything has fully dried erase the pencil lines.


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