Wishing you a Happy New Year and exciting things happening in 2017


Looking back at 2016 it was quite a year for me personally and for my business. For those of you that don't know me personally my husband and I moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Saratoga Springs, New York. My husband took an amazing job and I got to head back to New York to be closer to my family.


That may sound like big changes and don't get me wrong it was but the biggest changes were in my career. Bringing in 2016 I made a decision that I was really going to devote a large chunk of time to continuing my creative education. I am a big believer in never stop learning. Throughout my life I have always had one creative hobby after another. I would master a skill (or at least get the broad stokes) and immediately want to move on and learn something else. I believe this is what fuels me, and keeps inspiration coming.


In mid 2015 I really lost site of that and began to feel burnt out on what I was doing. That is when I decided to put a few things on the back burner that were particularly draining and really invest in learning again. And it has been amazing!


Doing this has completely verified that I need to make time for learning and creative growth no matter how many other things I have going on. Not only do I feel doing this has improved the work I create but it has sparked some ideas for the future of Cut Above Stationery that I am very excited about.


I'm not quite ready to share everything I have planned but I will say I want to help people feel as happy and confident with their ventures as I am with mine. In the next coming months I will delve deeper into what I have in mind so keep posted and join the newsletter for the latest happenings!


Have a very Happy New Year!


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