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Fall Watercolor Wreath

   No doubt this week you have thought a bit about what you are thankful for. Instead of sharing my long list of what I'm grateful for I'm going to share a piece I made to give to my family for the thanksgiving holiday.  Below is a step by step process for making a watercolor wreath.         The first thing I like to do is mix my watercolors and put together a color palette for the project.  For this wreath I mixed four different colors.         I then sketch out my wreath. To do this I drew a circle on a piece of watercolor paper (for this project I used a cold press paper...

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What's the deal with hand-cancelling envelopes + some tips on how to do it.

    If you are spending money on gorgeous stationery and beautiful hand calligraphy take the time to get your envelopes hand-canceled! Okay, so I may be jumping the gun, a lot of people don't know what hand-canceling an envelope is. Typically when you put a card in the mailbox to be delivered, the mail will then be brought to a canceling machine (this is most likely not the technical term) This machine has rollers that push all the mail through and cancel each stamp showing it has been processed.     These machines aren't necessarily meant to read beautiful modern calligraphy.... they also are not meant to push through envelopes that have bows or thick paper inside. Ooo silk...

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